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Does your child's name get spelt incorrectly on everything - school photos, trophies, certificates? Don't let their sports photo be one of them! Register their details with us, and we can 100% guarantee your child's name will be spelt correctly! If it's not - we'll replace your product free!

Please ensure you register your details exactly how you would like the name displayed. For instance, if you have a name that is hyphenated, make sure you include this. If your name is "William", but you prefer "Billy" then make sure that is what you register with us. Whatever you tell us is exactly what we will write! Make sure you use capitals at the beginning of your name unless you want a lower case letter such as "van Dam".

Information collected here is for the sole purpose of providing correct spelling on your sports photos and is not used for any other purpose. Information such as phone number etc is important so we can match it with other data and make sure we have the right person.

You must fill in all sections and double check your information before submitting it to us.

First name:
Person registering:
Team name: Age division: Env No. (where applicable)
E-mail: Year:
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